Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mission with Journey into Wholeness 23/24 September 2006

We've got an exciting opportunity to support Journey into Wholeness at the Mind Body Soul exhibition at Charter Hall, Colchester on 23/24 September.

Journey into Wholeness are a Christian organisation that aim to reach out to spiritual seekers. They will by providing a Christian stall at the exhibition, and also sponsoring two seminars.

We can support them by;
  1. supporting them in prayer at the prayer room at the St Paul's Centre that will be running that weekend.
  2. helping them to staff the stall (this is subject to attending some training courses with Journey into Wholeness)
  3. providing a seminar on prayer. Katy will be leading this, but will need some helpers (again subject to doing the training courses)

The training courses are on 22 July (daytime) and 9 September (afternoon). Please contact us as soon as possible through the comments link below if you wish to attend.

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