Saturday, June 03, 2006

Waiting for Pentecost : final report

(In addition to the previous posts about Waiting for Pentecost prayer)

On Thursday 7 of us gathered at a town centre work place on Trinity Street. We were led to pray for Trinity Street - for spiritual seekers, and for the planned provision for young people through CO1 at Holy Trinity Church. One of us saw a picture of a spring of water rising up out of the ground at Holy Trinity and rushing through the streets of Colchester and out into the surrounding area. We read 2 Timothy 4 : 6-8 and were reminded of the need to run the race and persevere in these times of opportunity and favour.

On Friday about 12 of us gathered at Colchester Baptist Church, Eld Lane, to worship and pray. This was a new worship and prayer time at that church fellowship. Many of us felt a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit with us during the worship. People received words about the river of God flowing and getting deeper as in Ezekiel 46. I received a word about God wanting to do more in my life, the Church, the Colchester than I was prepared for. I had to reply that I wanted more of the Holy Spirit and God's kingdom, despite the change it will bring. We heard that people at Colchester Baptist Church had also been hearing that it is a year of God's favour, and that it is time to cross the Jordan and head into the promised land.

On Saturday many people gathered as part of the regular monthly prayer breakfast, this month at Maldon Road Chapel. They prayed for problems and opportunities in the town at reported by Prayernet ( Also the challenge and opportunity presented by the book and film "The Da Vinchi Code".

On Sunday people are celebrating and praying for Pentecost with their church congregation. Please let me know your experiences and stories....use the comments link below.

In summary,
  • the Waiting for Pentecost time of prayer excited and encouraged me by allowing me to pray in different places with different people from across the Church in Colchester.
  • I felt that again this is a year of favour - a year of doors opening - and with this a challenging time for doing new things and investing more.
  • I also felt that our Father God is capable of doing more than we can hope and imagine, and wants to do amazing transformational things in Colchester. To allow these things to happen we must each listen to Him and play our part with hope and love for the people in our town.

with love and eagerness for the next thing, Richard

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