Friday, July 28, 2006

Exciting news from Jamie

I have been given an opportunity to sing and promote my CD at Lion Walk (opposite Costa Coffee) on Sunday 30 July from 1pm to 2 pm. It's part of a summer programme of outside music that the council have organised, and I just found out about. Apparently "Presence", the band from Kingsland, Lexden were there last week-end, and it went down well.
It's an answer to a prayer I have been seeking the Lord on for a while now, and seems to align with a word we were praying through recently:

"See I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut" (Revelations 3:8)

I would welcome any support, prayer, encouragement etc, as you are able and feel called to do.

Sorry for the short notice, but it's only just been organised and seems like an opportunity that I need to push through on.



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Colchester Nightstop update

Jeanette from Nightstop is a friend of Colchester Boiler Room Community. She and her team are doing some great work to encourage the church to provide for homeless young people.

Nightstop is the provision of emergency accomodation for single 16-25 year olds in the homes of approved volunteers. The host provides a bed for the night, meals and the opportunity for the young person to bathe and wash their clothes. They also provide a listening ear.

You can help as a Host Volunteer, Befriender, Occasional Driver, Telephone Contact, and with Prayer Support.

Contact Jeanette or David on 01206 523629. or email

Let's pray for Jeanette and David and the other leaders. And for God to provide all they need as they seek to serve needy young people. This is surely part of God's kingdom coming in Colchester?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Open doors on Sunday, but no open doors yet for the August Prayer Room

Were you there on Sunday at St Botolphs at the Colchester Celebration?

Colchester Boiler Room Community had a display stand there promoting the upcoming prayer room (5 - 12 August see post below), and the mission to Pula, Croatia (see previous post). That was another good chance to meet new people and tell them Colchester Boiler Room Community.

During the service we heard word that we stand at an open door in Colchester (based on 1 Corinthians 16:9). That it is time to work together to take opportunities that are presented.

There was also a time of prayer for God's kingdom to come in Colchester, prayed together with Councillors and MPs. And we then pledged to work towards God's kingdom together. It seemed like a very significant step, and now the challenge is to live out our pledge.

I am trying to act upon this time of opportunity by securing a prayer room venue for 5 - 12 August. However, the doors are not opening yet, and I feel abit discouraged. However Terry Tennens sent out the prayer below and this has encouraged me. Please pray for the right venue to be shown to us.

What can separate us from the love of God?
Can sickness or death?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God

Can war or danger?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God

Can sadness or despair?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God

Can the nuclear bomb or the end of the world?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God

Can failure and dejection?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God

Can loneliness or fear?
No nothing can separate us from the love of God


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

News from Assington Away Day and Prayer for VAF

Tuesday 11 July was an encouraging day.

Mike and I spent the day at Assington on an Away Day with Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester. This is a gathering of Colchester church leaders and we felt priviledged to be invited. We were also asked to provide a prayer room for the day, a great chance to communicate about our vision for prayer rooms in Colchester.

We had many chances to talk to church leaders about Colchester Boiler Room Community. and several of them invited us to come and share with their congregations. Also, it was wonderful to see church leaders coming together, sharing openly, and wanting to see God's blessing for Colchester and each other.

In the evening Nicky had convened a time of prayer for the Visual Arts Facility. This is a contraversial arts facility that has now started to be built at the bus station in Colchester.

We felt led to pray for God to work for good through the VAF, for good leadership, for opportunities for Christians to exhibit art and influence exhibitions, for Jesus to shine through this new place, for the town to be blessed in prosperity and for God's kingdom to come. Also for the foreign tourists that will come to the VAF, that they will meet Jesus in Colchester. We felt that the passage from Micah 6 was important; "to love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your God". And that now is a crossroads time for the VAF; that God can work for good through this new development if it is operated with mercy, with justice and humbly. We prayed that God will come into the sphere of the arts in Colchester, and we repented for where the church has not acted or contributed to the arts.

On Sunday 16 July is the Colchester Celebration at St Botolph's. Colchester Boiler Room Community has a stand. Come along and see us from 7pm...

love Richard

Dates for July and August

Here are some dates, so that you can get involved with Colchester Boiler Room Community.

We're planning to set up a 24/7 prayer room in Colchester town centre from 5 - 12 August. We need help planning and setting up the prayer room. Come to a meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 27 July at the Jesus Centre, King Harold Road to get involved.

We're saying goodbye and praying for the Croatia mission team on Tuesday 1 August with a bring and share BBQ by the lakes at the University of Essex. This is from 7.30pm. Family and friends welcome.

We'll be running a 24/7 prayer room in the town centre from the 6pm 5 August - 6pm 12 August. Venue to be confirmed (we're looking for a vacant shop unit by preference- please pray). Contact via the comments link below to book a slot during that time.

So this is our exciting start to the summer holidays. Come and join us on the journey.
love Richard

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Get involved and pray this week

It's suddenly got busy this week with good stuff to get involved with and pray for.

Sophia invites people who are interested in praying for young people to join her and friends for prayer at the Eld Lane Baptist Church at 8pm on Friday 7 July.

Jamie requests prayer for his music mission at Treetops care home, Highwoods on Saturday 8 July, 5pm to 7pm.

Please also pray for Mike and I as we join Colchester church leaders for an away day with Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester on Tuesday 11 July. We pray for good communication and oppotunities to encourage more people to do prayer rooms.

Nicky is inviting all to join her for prayer walking around the site of the new Visual Arts Facility. Meet at 7pm on Tuesday 11 July at the Castle gates by the war memorial.

And of course, you could join us for our regular prayer time 6am - 8am on Mondays in the offices of Glover and Howe (which is in Chapel Street North, above the Warehouse Restaurant and next to the Headgate theatre).

That rhythm of prayer is building. It's really good to be moving with more people now.
Love ya.

Monday, July 03, 2006

All aboard for Boiler Room activities!

Some cool things have come this week to get involved with....

Nicky has requested that we join her to pray for the new VAF in Colchester (that's Visual Arts Facility for people who have ignored local papers for the last two years). We're looking at doing some prayer walking on Tuesday 11 this space.

I hope to have permission to provide a Boiler Room Community display at the Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester Celebration on Sunday 16 July 7pm at St Botolph's. If you'd like to help staff the display then please let me know via the comments link below...

And Alex and I are meeting to plan a prayer room in the first week of August, to pray for Mike's Pula mission trip and for Colchester. We're meeting at 12 on Wednesday 5 July, let me know via the comments if you'd like to be involved with planning that prayer room.

This morning we had another encouraging, inspiring and challenging time of prayer in our regular Monday morning 6am - 8am slot. Themes that came included "death to self" as we push on into what Jesus has for us, and prayer for healing for Community members and people in the area.

During breakfast afterwards, Mark told us of his amazing weekend prayer walking times. I want to find a regular time slot that I can join him with this.

Jamie and I again tackled our usual No 1. fy up from Jenkins long will we keep that rhythm up!?

love Richard