Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jesus centred prayer and mission

Jesus Centred
We believe that Jesus loves people in Colchester area and He wants us to know and experience his love. In reality we can't because we have chosen to ignore God and live our own lives our way. We believe that Jesus died for us so we can have life to the max, knowing the love of Jesus. This Lord Jesus never turns anyone away, always accepts people and shows them life to the max. As followers of Jesus we see the Boiler Room as a way of following Jesus' example of prayer, love and mission.

We believe people are God's best creation. A building can provide shelter, warmth, sofas and cups of tea. People are far more exciting! They are adaptable, unpredictable, they have talents, gifts, needs and emotions.
The Colchester Boiler Room Community aims to draw people from different social groups and and Christ centred fellowships to pray, eat, and share Jesus with those who need him.

We all know the human body needs a heart with a regular pattern of pumping blood around the various parts to sustain life. If we want to see real change in our town we need to gather regularly to pray, encourage one another and The Boiler Room Community.
We take inspiration from Jesus' words about prayer, we can ask God and He will give, seek and we will find, knock and the door will be opened. God listens to and answers prayer. Like a child nags a parent for a drink, we need to keep on asking, seeking and knocking until something happens.

Jesus told us to pray for God's kingdom to come. The Colchester Boiler Room is established to pray for God's kindom to come.
Many of us are unhappy about some things in the world, hunger, sickness, failing schools, war and the rest of it. We belive God wants to change those things for joy, healing, success, peace and much more. When we pray and seek God's face and say sorry for our own wicked ways, He will heal our land because He said he would.

How does this follow jesus example?
Jesus values all these things greatly. He loves to gather people who want to know God's love. There are countless examples - Feeding 5,000, calling 12 disciples, invited children to come close. When Jesus walked on earth, he was in regular communication with His Father in Heaven, keeping a rhythm of prayer and mission. When Jesus comes to town, people's ;lives are transformed.

A Boiler Room has potential to accelerate strategic prayer for this area, and to link the current prayer and action that is already happening in Colchester. A boiler room must operate in a sustained, united and multi-faceted way. So, the great thing is that no individual or church could do it on their own....

Please pray for:
·People to become part of the boiler room community
·A regular time and venue to establish a 'rhythm' of prayer
·For opportunities to share vision and dreams with other people
·Resources and a permanent venue at the right time