Monday, February 26, 2007

Upcoming prayer rooms

There will be a 24/7 prayer room supporting the Stop the Traffick campaign. This prayer room will be at West Mersea 18 - 25 March and is being hosted by West Mersea Free Church. For more information contact Joe Haward on 01206 383067 .
Also, there will be some action happening in Colchester Town Centre on Saturday 24 March to publicise the campaign. To get involved contact Katy Smith kt_anywhere@hotmail.comFuture prayer room dates....

22 - 29 April at the Jesus Centre, King Harold Road.

13 - 15 July at St Marys Arts Centre as part of the Be Xalted festival

(also from Richard!)

Bad news and good news

First the bad news....

The proposed Shockwave prayer room, to inspire prayer for the persecuted church, has been cancelled. This is due to two proposed venues falling through, and a lack of interest in supporting that prayer room.
I feel a personal sense of failure about this, and I acknowledge I have more to learn about communication and getting other parts of the church involved.
I also think this shows a failing in the church of Colchester...that despite our spoken unity we didn't manage to support this prayer for the persecuted church...not very good considering the tens of different congregations, the dozens of buildings, the thousands of believers in leaves the question...what do we need to do better?

Then the good news....

A regular Friday night prayer gathering has started. This is called Street Prayer and happens between 11pm and 3am on Friday nights, based at Colchester Baptist Church, Eld Lane. We prayer walk, we pray for God's blessing on the people out on Friday nights, we keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities to pray with people, and we invite people back to the prayer room if we sense they would benefit. For more information contact Katy Smith on

A regular prayer time to support the Lakes Ministry has started. This Ministry aims to bring Christian worhip and prayer into the Lakes Mental Health unit. There will be prayer to support this work in the Colchester General Hospital chapel on Sunday 4 March, Sunday 1st April, and Sunday 29 April at 4pm - 5pm. For more information contact Richard Smith

with love from Richard.

Down, but not out. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday Night Prayer starting soon

When: Every Fri from 23-02-07

Time: 11pm-3am

Venue: Colchester baptist Church, Eld lane Colchester (downstairs lounge)

Aim: To pray for peace on the streets To pray and chat with people on the streets and in the prayer room


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Prayer requests from Journey into Wholeness

Here's a prayer update from our friends at Journey into Wholeness, who aim to make Jesus known to spiritual seekers....

Prayer Points

# for more committee members
# that our budget target will be met
# for revelation to know the theme for the 2007 stall
# for wisdom regarding follow-up events after the MBS Exhibition
# for a wider vision for the work, and involvement on new people in it
# for contacts made last year,
# for new opportunities open to us in the Brentwood/Southend area
# for the continuing involvement of the Boiler Room Community and the Colchester PrayerNet

Prayer Support

Last September, we wondered whether we should continue these monthly prayer meetings, so planned just the one, on 22 January this year. It was well attended, and it was felt extremely valuable to meet face to face – with each other and with God – to pray for the work, for those touched by the work, and for the future needs of JIW.
Subject to confirmation, therefore, we will be holding monthly prayer meetings at Mount Zion Salvation Army Centre on the fourth Monday of each month, except for August, i.e. 26 Feb, 26 March, 23 April, 28 May, 25 June, 23 July, 24 Sept, 29 Oct and 26 Nov.
If you would like more information about these meetings, please contact our Prayer Co-ordinator, Paul Jonas, on Colchester 520021.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More prayer and action being planned

We're currently setting up planning groups for a Shockwave prayer room on the weekend of 2-4 March. Also a planning group for the Stop the Traffick prayer room at West Mersea on 18-25 March.

Would you like to be involved in making these prayer rooms happen? Contact Richard Smith on

Let's see more real prayer happen in Colchester area. love Richard

PS the St Stephen's 24-7 finished on Sunday 4 February. They'd had a great 24-7 week, but didn't feel led to do it for another week. Fair play, and well done.

PPS to send an email requesting fair European trade laws for developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Creative prayers from St Stephen's prayer room

Something traditional found in the St Stephen's prayer room:

The Nunc Dimittis (Now be sent away)

Alleluia. Christ the light of the world, alleluia, has manifested his glory. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Now, Lord, let your servant go in peace: your word has been fulfilled.

My own eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared in the sight of every people.

A light to reveal you to the nations and the glory of your people Israel.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and shall be forever. Amen.

Alleluia. Christ the light of the world, alleluia, has manifested his glory. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Something original found in the St Stephen's prayer room;

Workers Required

Everyone can apply.

Strong or weak, tall or small, thin or fat, rich or poor, talented or not, old or young...

No one rejected.

Workwear provided. God's armour.

Your own personal trainer. The Holy Spirit.

And more than you can think or imagine.

Apply TODAY.

Help needed at St Stephens prayer room

St Stephens prayer room has been running continuously since 11am on Sunday 28 January.
Well done St Stephens church congregation, and those from other places who have supported it, too.

It's been an inspiring place, with stories of not-yet-believers using the prayer room, and also many prayers being released from New Town and the Hythe.

There are still slots to fill on Saturday morning and afternoon, and early Sunday morning. Please consider if you could take a one hour slot. Book your slot by popping into St Stephens, Canterbury Road.Or phone Chris Liddamore on 01206 560822.

The prayer room is open to all visitors 9am - 5pm until Sunday 4February.

Some of us are praying about continuing this prayer this space.

love Richard

ps this morning a spring of fresh water appeared at the top of was a broken water main...was it a sign?