Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Agape (a Poem by Jason McLean)

By Jason McLean

Agape feasts not in the broils,
Of demons loathing, where hatred spoils,
Agape treads where malice won’t dare,
In places where love will never be rare,
Nor does it dwell in realms of ill,
For Agape is a panacea pill,
Nor does she reside in places unjust,
For trust is the must, in God we trust,

A lair of wrath is to some a home,
Home is the heart of a life of your own.
Agape learned what mankind is learning,
Power never corrupts if respect is burning,
In time peace locks love it is true,
Like two lovers meeting and then bidding adieu,
If love is for real and the deal sealed with passion,
The lover’s feelings won’t go out of fashion.

Agape finds what Agape seeks,
A place to rest a heart that is meek,
Enough manna and nourishment to move forward,
The beauty of Agape is its own reward,
Agape is Agape in day and in night,
The essence of which will see dark become light.

Agape is unconditional love,
Fused with desire it sets mans heart on fire,
Like a hand fits a glove Agape covers all ground,
Patience and compassion the triumphant sound.
Agape exists to mute the scream,
To turn a fantasy into a vision dream,
Agape knows no bounds,
Peace is found.

Agape stretches around the globe touching all mankind,
Gentle spirits and awakened minds.

Agape rests in eternity, Agape is the bliss of infinity.