Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prayer Room at St Paul's 22nd - 24th Sept

It was great fun to pray at St Paul's Centre, near The Albert pub, for 48 hours. The prayer coverage was mainly for Journey Into Wholeness taking a stand into the Mind, Body and Soul Exhibition at Charter Hall. We believe this opportunity gave us further confirmation of this year being one of favour. Thank you to all at St Pauls for their generosity, allowing us to use the whole building and anything in it! I have to say, it was probably the largest venue we have used so far.

Journey Into Wholeness were encouraged by the increase of intercessors for the event. It was good to pray with a specific focus and also pray for Colchester and our nation.

There were also 2 seminars facilitated by two different Christians, one entitled 'Spirit Space' about praying to Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, another about healing in Jesus Name (I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong!) Although there were not hoards of people crowding into the seminars, Katy Smith and Penny were overjoyed at the interest and response of those who did. One lady opened up and shared some personal stories. Katy was able to pray with her and provide her with helpful information and contacts.

So yes! This weekend was another step in the right direction. We need to keep on persevering for more of God's Holy Spirit. We want to continue to hear Father God's voice for what to do next and where to go. We need to keep on following hard after Jesus Christ with knowledge that He is praing with us and for us.

Thank you to everyone praying with us for God's kingdom to come in power upon Colchester and its surrounding area.

Do you want to know more about 24-7 Prayer, Colchester Boiler Room or about having a personal relationship with the Father God who made you and hinks the world of you? Please get in touch with us by e-mail that can be found on the 'about me' section of this blog.

The Boiler Room Community continues to pray on Monday mornings, 6am - 8am with a delicious breakfast afterwards. We meet in the upstairs backroom in Glover and Howe offices above The Warehouse restaurant then onto Jenkins Cafe opposite Wilkinsons. We'd love to see you there!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Inspiration from 20+ nations

Mike, Katy and I had the priviledge of attending the 24-7 International Leaders Gathering in London last weekend.

Sounds dull, eh?

It was awesome.

The highlights for me were;
  • worshipping and praying with more than 20 nations - a glimpse of God's kingdom coming, just great to be apart of this amazing body - the church.
  • hearing amazing stories of what God is doing - 1200 people were prayed with and for in Ibiza this summer! International Day of Prayer goes global, after starting in Cape Town...and still there are no murders in Cape Town after people gathered and prayed! Kelly's story of being moved by God to go and pray for a prostitutes ghetto in Mexico, and after 15 months of prayer finally establishing prayer rooms and making good relationships there....so many stories.
  • receiving encouragement and training to lead
  • realising that I am a part of what God is doing, I am a part of this new chapter in the history of God's people

Do you want to be a part too? Come to the prayer room this weekend.

I'll share more soon of what I learnt.

This morning we prayed into 2 Kings 4: 1 -7. Come to the Lord and say "I have nothing, except..." and then offer the little that you have. And then see what He does!

love Richard

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

24/2 Prayer Room - Friday 22 September to Sunday 23 September

Colchester Boiler Room Community are working with Journey into Wholeness to organise another prayer room.

It will be a 24/2 prayer room, running from 8pm Friday 22 September to 8pm Sunday 24 September at the St Paul's Centre, St Pauls Road, corner of Belle Vue Road and Colne Bank Avenue, Colchester. The prayer room is supporting Journey into Wholeness at the Mind, Body, Soul exhibition at the Charter Hall.

To book a one hour slot at the prayer room or to find out more contact Richard and Katy Smith on 01206 522781, or email r_g_smith@hotmail.com

Monday, September 11, 2006

Town Centre Night Walk

Four people met outside Colchester Baptist Curch, Eld Lane on Friday 8th Sept. We prayed and then began to walk the town centre streets continuing to pray and meet with people in need of help or a chat. I found it particularly heart breaking to pray at a site where an addict took an overdose of heroin and died. That was at the top of at stairwell at St Mary's Car-park. I felt an eery uncomfortable presence like I wanted to scream. I have realised even more of the urgency to preach Christ Jesus as the Saviour of all people. No-one is unreachable and something must be done to fill the aching gap of so many people's hearts.

Personally, Friday night was a night to watch people and situations. I found myself constantly asking the question, 'What can be done here?'

If you have a burning desire to develop a Holy Spirit filled presence of Jesus Christ's disciples on the town centre streets during a weekend night or any other night where most needed, I want to hear from you. I would really like to do something in collaboration with the Police and or other civic services to pray for people and meet their practical needs.

Please e-mail us or post a comment

Many thanks

Monday, September 04, 2006

J-MAC town centre gigs

Jamie's been given more opportunities to perform his lively musical worship on the Colchester streets.

Please pray for God's blessing on him, and for fruit from his playing.

His next slots are;

2pm Saturday 9 September in Lion Walk (near Boots)
1.30pm Sunday 10 September in Culver Street (near Starbucks)

Go for it, Jamie!

News from Pete on his recent Peru trip

Pete writes

"For those of you who don’t know, I’ve just been in Peru for around two and a half weeks working with Scripture Union building houses for street boys.

Thank you to all of those who were praying for me and the team while we were out there, it was an amazing time where we were really able to see God move, and see battles been taken and won. It was amazing for me to see all the promises God made me before I went away being fulfilled, a real example of his faithfulness to us.

Some of the work going on out there is truly incredible, and it’s amazing to see God working even in the most dire circumstances. Some of the things that the street boys have had to go through are truly horrific, but it’s amazing to see how happy they are once they’ve come to know the Father, and incredible to see the way there lives have turned around. Keep the boys in your prayers, as they need all the support possible, but thank you so much to all those that prayed for us, as it was a real encouragement to know we had that support, and I can assure you your prayers really helped our team as well so thank you."