Monday, September 18, 2006

Inspiration from 20+ nations

Mike, Katy and I had the priviledge of attending the 24-7 International Leaders Gathering in London last weekend.

Sounds dull, eh?

It was awesome.

The highlights for me were;
  • worshipping and praying with more than 20 nations - a glimpse of God's kingdom coming, just great to be apart of this amazing body - the church.
  • hearing amazing stories of what God is doing - 1200 people were prayed with and for in Ibiza this summer! International Day of Prayer goes global, after starting in Cape Town...and still there are no murders in Cape Town after people gathered and prayed! Kelly's story of being moved by God to go and pray for a prostitutes ghetto in Mexico, and after 15 months of prayer finally establishing prayer rooms and making good relationships many stories.
  • receiving encouragement and training to lead
  • realising that I am a part of what God is doing, I am a part of this new chapter in the history of God's people

Do you want to be a part too? Come to the prayer room this weekend.

I'll share more soon of what I learnt.

This morning we prayed into 2 Kings 4: 1 -7. Come to the Lord and say "I have nothing, except..." and then offer the little that you have. And then see what He does!

love Richard

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