Friday, July 27, 2007

Reflection on the daily prayer

Here's a reflection from Marie on her experience of joining in with the Colchester Boiler Room Community daily prayer.

"I find I am challenged on different aspects.

Sometimes I am reminded about being true to Jesus, when it would be easy to go for comfort!

At other times being kind to others is my challenge, when it would be my first instinct to go for justice.

I think there are many opportunities in Colchester to touch the nations with the gospel. The daily prayer is one way for me that community and spirituality can be linked together and so avoid compartmentalisation. This link leads to greater integrity and so helps us to be more true to Jesus...and so we begin again!"

A week at Abbotswick House of Prayer

Here's an entry from Jason, a friend of Colchester Boiler Room Community. He recently spent some time at Abbotswick House of Prayer in Brentwood.

"From the moment I stepped out of the taxi on the Tuesday afternoon, to the moment I stepped out of the sisters little run around car on the Sunday to go home my confidence in the Lord was pushed to new levels of highness.

Prayers every morning, afternoon and evening in either the Chapel, Church or Cathedral a time for reflection this week most certainly was.

The Chapel was quaint with a little tabernacle for holding the blessed sacrament (body of Christ) and the altar was neatly arranged with candles and clothe.

After going to an evangelical church for so many years it was different to be amongst Catholic brothers and sisters, lots of Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers kind of washed away any negativity from my soul and the receiving of holy communion felt almost higher than flying, very uplifting.
Mass in the Cathedral was angelic and sacred, the choir sung as if straight from heaven and the one drop of wine I drank from the silver cup (blood of Christ) almost sent me a bit drunk on the spirit.

On the Friday there was a massive barbeque and a great conversation about the differences in denominations in the Christian church. A group of evangelicals came on the Saturday and were vehemently speaking out loud in tongues to our maker, I hope they got what they asked for because the passion was high.

Walks in the garden were very enjoyable with willow trees, butterfly’s and statues to gaze upon, the place is well maintained by volunteers and looked immaculate (apart from the mole hills).

Places like Abbotswick only exist because Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ lived and died so our sins may be forgiven and it is on this note I close with a thank you to Sister Camilla and Sister Gaby for their lovely cooking and hospitality and spiritual guidance."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update from Lakes Ministry prayer

I had an encouraging time praying for the Lakes Ministry in the hospital chapel on Sunday.

I was led to pray into the theme Jesus giving living water to those who are thirsty. John 4: 13-14. Also Revelation 1 :15.

I also prayed into the Scriptures that were given from the last Lakes Ministry prayer session.

I prayed for Mark's ministry that afternoon, the team and the patients.

love Richard

Thursday, July 12, 2007

News from Clacton 24/2 prayer room

Dorothy Smith from Clacton reported from the 24/2 prayer room held at the Clacton Healing Rooms at the beginning of June.

People who took part enjoyed the prayer room and creative prayer activities. Some people received pictures and prophecies.

Dorothy said the prayer room encouraged the Healing Room team, and grew the number of people involved in the Healing Room.

Also one person was able to share the prayer room with a work colleague. This work colleague had an experience of the Holy Spirit in the prayer room and made a commitment to Jesus.

Daily Prayer with Colchester Boiler Room Community

A few of us have started to pray a daily prayer at 12 noon every day.

Here's the prayer (it's based on vow of the Honourable Order of the Mustard Seed as prayed by Count Zinzendorf)

"My Lord Jesus,

Help me to be true to you,

to be kind to people,

and to take the Gospel to the nations.


We're sharing this with other friends in Colchester Boiler Room Community.

If you'd like to join us in praying this prayer every day please let us know.

love Richard

PS for more information on The Order of the Mustard Seed see "The Vision and the Vow" book by Pete Greig. Or check