Monday, July 03, 2006

All aboard for Boiler Room activities!

Some cool things have come this week to get involved with....

Nicky has requested that we join her to pray for the new VAF in Colchester (that's Visual Arts Facility for people who have ignored local papers for the last two years). We're looking at doing some prayer walking on Tuesday 11 this space.

I hope to have permission to provide a Boiler Room Community display at the Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester Celebration on Sunday 16 July 7pm at St Botolph's. If you'd like to help staff the display then please let me know via the comments link below...

And Alex and I are meeting to plan a prayer room in the first week of August, to pray for Mike's Pula mission trip and for Colchester. We're meeting at 12 on Wednesday 5 July, let me know via the comments if you'd like to be involved with planning that prayer room.

This morning we had another encouraging, inspiring and challenging time of prayer in our regular Monday morning 6am - 8am slot. Themes that came included "death to self" as we push on into what Jesus has for us, and prayer for healing for Community members and people in the area.

During breakfast afterwards, Mark told us of his amazing weekend prayer walking times. I want to find a regular time slot that I can join him with this.

Jamie and I again tackled our usual No 1. fy up from Jenkins long will we keep that rhythm up!?

love Richard

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