Wednesday, July 12, 2006

News from Assington Away Day and Prayer for VAF

Tuesday 11 July was an encouraging day.

Mike and I spent the day at Assington on an Away Day with Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester. This is a gathering of Colchester church leaders and we felt priviledged to be invited. We were also asked to provide a prayer room for the day, a great chance to communicate about our vision for prayer rooms in Colchester.

We had many chances to talk to church leaders about Colchester Boiler Room Community. and several of them invited us to come and share with their congregations. Also, it was wonderful to see church leaders coming together, sharing openly, and wanting to see God's blessing for Colchester and each other.

In the evening Nicky had convened a time of prayer for the Visual Arts Facility. This is a contraversial arts facility that has now started to be built at the bus station in Colchester.

We felt led to pray for God to work for good through the VAF, for good leadership, for opportunities for Christians to exhibit art and influence exhibitions, for Jesus to shine through this new place, for the town to be blessed in prosperity and for God's kingdom to come. Also for the foreign tourists that will come to the VAF, that they will meet Jesus in Colchester. We felt that the passage from Micah 6 was important; "to love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your God". And that now is a crossroads time for the VAF; that God can work for good through this new development if it is operated with mercy, with justice and humbly. We prayed that God will come into the sphere of the arts in Colchester, and we repented for where the church has not acted or contributed to the arts.

On Sunday 16 July is the Colchester Celebration at St Botolph's. Colchester Boiler Room Community has a stand. Come along and see us from 7pm...

love Richard

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