Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Prayer Room at Castle Methodist cancelled, but a key given for new things

The planned 24-2 prayer room at Castle Methodist Church, 9 June - 11 June, has been cancelled.

I apologise to those people who have made plans to spend time in the prayer room. Please support future prayer rooms.

The prayer room was cancelled because the planned overnight supervision for the prayer room was not available. Also because I failed to gather enough of a team to make this prayer room happen.

The following learning points have emerged for me;
  • give longer notice of future prayer rooms, to enable more people to participate
  • gather a planning team to plan future prayer rooms
  • I want prayer rooms to be really stimulating, exciting and creative places
  • I want prayer rooms to pray through the night

This morning I felt quite defeated and deflated that we are cancelling the prayer room. I prayed for God to show me a way forward. That I needed to start doing new things in my planning and communicating with people. And that I long for new things for prayer for Colchester.

This lunchtime, I went to prayer with the Watchman Network (WN)- a group of people praying for Colchester. The WN are praying for the Balkerne and Schere Gates this week.

As part of their research they discovered that the Abbott of St John's Abbey, a godly man reknowned for doing good and walking around the town, refused to give up the keys to the Abbey at the time of the Reformation. As a result he was hung at the Scheregate area.

The WN felt led to give me a key. I took this as a great encouragement that God will enable me to unlock new things as we work to increase the rhythm of prayer for Colchester.

with love, Richard

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