Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prayer for Parliament and further report from Waiting for Pentecost

Joan from Greenstead Evangelical Church sent the following report of their Sunday Penetcost service. (Thanks, Joan.)

"There was a wonderful sense of the presence of God at Greenstead church on Sunday morning..The visiting speaker spoke with power and authority..from Acts 2 and talked about 3 of the characteristics of the early church...
1.Wonderful Word...or something similar!
2. Powerful prayer
3 Fantastic fellowship"

This week 24-7 UK is co-ordinating a week of prayer for and at the Houses of Parliament. You can join in by praying from home, going to London, praying with others at your church or joing in with the Monday morning prayer with the Colchester Boiler Room Community. Check http://www.christiansinparliament.org.uk/home/tabid/91/Default.aspx for more details. (that's the Christians in Parliament website)

I am still praying about how to use that key.

with love Richard

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