Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tea Time report and upcoming events

Sounds like Mike had a great time in Croatia. Thank God. There'll be more chance to pray for him when he's over there with the time in the first week in August.....

I am meeting with Alex at the University to plan how we organise the prayer while Mike and the team are on mission in Croatia. We're thinking about setting up a 24/7 prayer room for some or all of that time in the first week of August. Let us know by clicking the comments link below if you'd like to be involved planning and setting up the prayer room.

Coming up soon is some events with Seeking God's Blessing for Colchester (SGBfC), the Colchester church leaders group.

On Tuesday 11 July, Mike and I have been invited to an away day with SGBfC. We've offered to set up a prayer room for them to use on that day....and we're still waiting to hear if we can go ahead. Please pray.

On Sunday 16 July SGBfC are organising a Celebration of Colchester 7pm at St Botolph's Church. I've asked if the Boiler Room Community could have a display stand there. This would enable us communicate our vision for prayer rooms to more people. Let us know through the comments link below if you'd like to help with the display.

We had a good tea time on Sunday and met some people who are new to the Boiler Room Community idea. Great cake and buns, thank you! This was an answer to prayer since I have been praying for more people to get involved as part of the Boiler Room Community.

Please pray and get involved where you can.

love Richard

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