Monday, January 15, 2007

Up and coming prayer projects

Hi all Boiler Room Bloggers!

Trust you are all enjoying 2007 so far and you have sense of anticipation of what God is going to do through His church this year. I know I am!

Some dates for your diary and possible 'projects' to think about....

Shockwave: 2nd-4th March
Persecution of the Christian Church is increasing all over the world. Jesus warned us that this would happen - people hated Him so He foreknew that the Church would suffer also. We need to pray and continue to depend on God for strength and wisdom.
We would like to host a prayer vigil over the weekend (2nd-4th March). If you have a particular passion for this theme, and would like to take part in planning and organisation or have a venue in mind, please contact us with e-mail or phone number below.
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Stop The Traffik - 18th-25th March
24-7 Prayer are involved in partnership with a movement called Stop The Traffik (STT). As you may know this year 2007 is 200th aniversery of abolition of slave trade and human trafficking. Christians are involved in a campaign all over the world to end the illegal injustice and abuse of human freedom still happening today. This is a high profile national campaign. MTV (the youth music tv station) say it's a "no-brainer" to get involved. ie it's obviously good!
We would like to take part with a week of round-the-clock prayer between 18th and 25th March 2007. The official day of STT campaign is on 25th March. Please contact us if you would like to help in planning of this prayer room, providing a venue, time or other resources.
We are also interested in other creative ideas of promoting the justice campaign. So far we are thinking....

  • A Confession Booth - in which followers of Jesus Christ would sit inside and invite people for confessions. Not for them to confess, oh no! The Jesus followers would confess to unbelievers, apologising for acts of cruelty and unkindness, for war and 'The Crusades', for making slaves.... The booth could be set up in the town centre?

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March will be fast approaching so if we are going to do anything we need to get moving!! Please e-mail Michael Holden: or Tel: (01206) 523923

Thanks for your support, much love Michael and Richard

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