Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas prayer room report

Town Centre Prayer room report

In the week before Christmas 2006, more than 50 people from more than 14 different congregations prayed in the 24/7 prayer room at Colchester Baptist Church, Eld Lane.

Thank you to all those who gave time at this busy time of year to support the prayer room. A big thanks to Lyndsey and Rod, and all the church at Eld Lane who gave us a home when we had “no room at the inn”.

There were some significant times of prayer for both individuals and groups. Also, the prayer room was a base for mission and action with present wrapping for shoppers during late night shopping. Also 6 people from 5 different congregations prayer walked and gave hospitality to late night revellers on Friday night/Saturday morning. Look out for a more detailed report on that eventful night!

A message that I felt through the people's prayers and time in the prayer room was “perseverance”. Several people spoke of coming against the barrier of delay. I feel called on to persevere and breakthrough in the new things of God in 2007.

We were not able to run the prayer room continuously during the whole week. This was because there were not enough people offering to take on time slots, especially the late night/early morning slots.

I felt frustrated that a town centre shop front prayer room was not available, despite many empty shop units in the town centre. I will be praying for an opportunity and a way to do a shop front prayer room this year, because I think it will give many unchurched people the chance to pray to and meet with Jesus. And because I think that we can do it, given the unity in the church in Colchester, and the desire to pray.

love Richard

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