Saturday, January 27, 2007

St Luke's Prayer Room, Highwoods 21 - 28 January

It looked like an ordinary garage....

So much so that when Katy and I turned up we went to the wrong house! (Oh well, at least they know there was a prayer room happening now...)

Inside was a light and friendly space, where Gillian and Sarah welcomed us. And there was a list of suggested prayer activities, as suggested by the St Lukes young people. These included hand washing for repentance, and a breathing meditation....

In fact, the whole prayer room had been set up by young people. Nice one, guys!

It was exciting to see more God inspired prayer. And a prayer room that had just sprung up out people's desire to see God's kingdom come. Also, this prayer room meant that were 3 weeks of prayer rooms in the Colchester area in January 2007....great preparation for the St Stephen's prayer room starting on Sunday.

love Richard

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