Monday, June 30, 2008

Some news and reflections from 24-7 Prayer

Check these links for news and inspiring relection from 24-7 Prayer.

Can we read the ‘signs of the times’ – from Lakeland, Florida to South West China –
Pete Greig challenges us to respond to global events and the movement of the Spirit
with an explosion of prayer.

“Two drunk girls walked into the prayer-room in a former shop in Northern Ireland.”
Writes Adri Roos. “‘What is this?’ they demanded loudly. Then realising that the
former handbag shop was now a space for prayer, they ran out into the street
excitedly shouting ‘Come in, let’s pray to God…’

The incredible journey of a Church on their knees: Lyndall Bywater interviews
Gillian Best about the story of the Methodist 24-7 Prayer community in Ireland and
how devoting themselves to prayer has impacted a denomination across the island of

“We get into God's presence, He rubs off on us, and we look a bit more like Him as
we go out into the darkness that covers the earth.” Rosie Frazier explores mission
and the words of Isaiah “Arise, shine, for your light has come…”

All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing.’ [Col
1:6];Jesus is on the move! He’s showing up amongst prostitutes in
Mexico, party-people in Ibiza, and praying punks in Germany. 24-7 Chronicler Bob
Jobe has produced five short documentaries telling five amazing stories of people
caught up in a genuine movement of the Holy Spirit. Find out how you can see them

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