Monday, June 09, 2008

Relections on Stories from Kansas City Boiler Room Community

On Saturday, Carol and I journeyed to Guildford. There we met about 40 others from Guildford, Cambridge, Southampton, Belfast, Devon and elsewhere. We had come to hear stories from Kansas City Boiler Room Community.

It was great to see Nate and Marissa again from Kansas City, and also to meet Adam, their friend and co-leader. These guys are so fun, but also really kind and encouraging. And they also have talents for prayer, teaching, wise leadership and being "master builders".

Adam shared his story of dissatisfaction with conventional ways of studying the Bible, and how he wanted to share God's story, and how people can be part of that story. He then took us through God Story in a potted version of the Bible study programme they've developed at Kansas City Boiler Room Community.

We then heard stories from Kansas City Boiler Room Community, about their growth and practices. And great stories of fruit and encouragement and new things springing up.

I particularly remember;

  • stories of the art collective that has so impacted a local art school it now offers an internship through the art school
  • the D groups of pairs and triplets that aim to learn together what it means to follow all that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:20). In the D groups people ask how they're doing with loving God, loving people and loving the world. Also how they're doing with money and sexuality.
  • they have Collectives within the Boiler Room Community that aim to serve specific spheres with love for God, love for people and love for the world. The Collectives include an artists collective, a social workers collective and a young families collective.
  • Kansas City Boiler Room Community started with Nate and Marissa and Adam sharing pray time, and grew into shared prayer in a shared house of 5. This house began to be a focal point for many others coming to share community. Out of these friendships, but also a dedication to prayer and discipleship has grown the Kansas City Boiler Room Community.

There was a wonderful time of worship and prayer for one another at the end. We prayed for the release and encouragement of apostolic and prophetic gifts in 24-7 Prayer. And importantly for these gifts work together.

Find out more about Kansas City Boiler Room Community at

Nate, Marissa and Adam have been praying for years that they would be "master builders" for God's kingdom. God is answering that prayer. I want to pray that prayer now.

love Richard

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