Monday, April 28, 2008


Here's a great bit of wisdom from Marie....

"I learned something in the Easter holidays that may also be an encouragement to you in this busy season.

Grace and I visited an owl sanctuary.

We discovered there used to be 14,000 owls before the second World War. At that time fields were fairly small.

During the war the government became worried about feeding the people. They encouraged farmers to remove the hedgerows, creating bigger fields, and to plough to the edge of the field rather than leaving the edges alone.

Of course, this meant there was nowhere for some animals and birds to shelter and find food, and so their population rapidly declined.

Until that point I had always thought of setting boundaries as an issue of my health, spiritual, physical etc. That day I realised it's about people who live on the edge of society and who rely on what they find there.

If I plough to the edge there is nothing left for them."

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