Sunday, May 28, 2006

Waiting for Pentecost...the story so far

On Thursday morning 7 of us met by the police station and prayer walked to some dis-used places of worship in Colchester. We noticed the massive change that the construction of Southway has made in Colchester. We remembered then that God is able to bring about massive transformational change. He is able to do more than we can hope or imagine (Ephesians 3).....

On Friday lunchtime 2 of us met at CACC church office in the Hythe. We prayed for the town as a whole and for wisdom for all church leaders and then more specifically for the Hythe. With regard to the town I beleive the Lord led us to pray for unity as this is where He commands His blessing - regardless of differences we have a common cause to see the lost won. With regard to the Hythe we prayed for CaCC and other churches working in the area. There were no specific pictures or words but we did pray for the youth and for the elderly living in the Hythe.

On Saturday afternoon 5 of us met at a home in Wivenhoe. We were led to pray for repentance in the church. We were led to pray for the raising up of humble leaders - people after God's own heart. Leaders for the church and for the community. Also for a waking up of the harvesters. I saw a picture of those with big fields and no harvesters welcoming harvesters from overcrowded fields. Then I saw a picture of those with overflowing nets calling in other boats to bring in the catch.

On Sunday morning 10 of us met in St. Stephens chapel, New Town. We were led to pray for the servants there who open the church building up to bless the community in many ways. We also prayed for an impartation of vision to people in that church for new harvest fields, especially in the Hythe area. I saw a picture of St Stephens church community as a burning coal. Also I saw a picture of Jesus standing by the door and pointing outwards. During the time of prayer we read from Isaiah 13 about the destruction of Babylon. I was reminded of the power of the Holy Spirit to destroy evil.

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love Richard

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