Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Waiting for Pentecost 2006

All believers are welcome to come a join the prayer as we wait for Pentecost. The themes for prayer are the Holy Spirit and harvest.

I think this time is significant because it remembers the time that Jesus asked his followers to wait for the Holy Spirit to come (Acts 1). When Jesus' Father then sent the Holy Spirit, it enabled the followers to bring God's kingdom to their neighbourhood, city, region, country and the world (Acts 2 onwards).

You may like to use these scripture readings for inspiration – Ephesians 3: 14- 21 and John 4: 34 – 38. Also, you could use the daily scripture suggested at in the monthly focus section.

Thurs 25 May
7.30am start(prayer walking) meet at Remains of Roman Church by police station, Southway.
David Beales, DNA Networks

Fri 26 May
1pm - 2pm at CACC office, 126 Hythe Hill.
Karen Barrett, Colchester Area Community Church

Sat 27 May
3pm – 4pm at 31 Parkwood Avenue, Wivenhoe
Jean Fletcher

Sun 28 May
8.45am – 9.45am at St Stephen's Church chapel, Canterbury Road.
Susan Loxton, St Stephen's Church

Mon 29 May
4pm – 5pm at 43 Honeysuckle Way,Greenstead.
Joan Davies

Tues 30 May
7am – 8am at Lexden Evangelical Church, London Road, Lexden.
Robin Buckingham, Kingsland Lexden

Weds 31 May
11am – 12noon (meet at castle entrance at 11am) at The chapel, Colchester Castle
Lynette Burgess, Colchester Borough Council

Thurs 1 June
7am – 8am
Conference Room, Offices of Marshall, Sutton, Jones, 11 Trinity Street.
Chris Bloor

Fri 2 June
8pm – 9pm (worship)
9pm – 10pm(prayer) at Colchester Baptist Church, Eld Lane.
Lynsey Heselgrave,
Colchester Baptist Church

Sat 3 June
8.30am - 10am (prayer breakfast) at Maldon Road Chapel, Maldon Road
Mr and Mrs Knight, Maldon Road Chapel

Sun 4 June
Pray with your church congregations at your Sunday meetings

I am looking forward to seeing you there!
with love Richard

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