Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year

Its 2014 and we have some really exciting things coming up at Colchester Boiler Room!

Sunday Afternoon Meals:
Sundays we meet at 170 Berechurch Rd at 1:00 pm for a shared meal together, followed by some tea and coffees where the adults have a light casual chat about a faith question (drawn from a very mysterious deck of cards that have lots of random, yet slightly deep questions about God, Christianity and faith)  and the children have an active Bible Story in another room.
We have a small donation box that people can put money in towards to food or we ask that people serve the community by offering to cook one of the meals that we share by joining the cooking rota.

TWO NEW THINGS:1. Simple Sundays: Starting this New Year we are going to start having Simple Sundays every other Sunday (ish). On these Sundays we will eat a simple meal of soup and bread and ask people to consider those in need. There also will be an opportunity to give donations to a specific charity in need. Look out for these on the following dates:
Sunday 12th January 2014
Sunday 2nd February 2014

2. Pilgrimage: In the new year we like to travel to the homes of  community members and pray a blessing over their home and family/house mates. This will be happening following our gathering time on Sunday 12th January 2014 and then during our Gathered Community Prayer Time on Wednesday 15th January 2014. 

Big Gathered Sundays: 
Every other month we try and gather as a community for a longer and deeper time together. We invite a special speaker to provide the community with quality teaching on a specific topic. Over the last year we have been learning about the 6 Boiler Room Values (Prayer, Mission, Creativity, Hospitality, Learning and Justice). THIS TIME IT WILL BE ON JUSTICE. This is a great time to invite someone along to our community meal to see what we are all about. There is a children's activity during the talk. Remember, on these Sundays we have a BRING AND SHARE MEAL, so bring a nice dish to pass along to share with everyone.

Weekly Learning Groups:
Being a part of a church community isn't all about just coming on a Sunday. During the week we have two opportunities for gathering and learning about the bible and God.

Monday Evening: We have an adult group that meets Monday Evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at 170 Berechurch Rd. This group is facilitated by Tina and Steve Lawton and if you would like to join just contact them through one of their emails: Steve/ or Tina/

Thursday Mornings: There is a baby and carers group that meets at 170 Berechurch Rd from 10:00am -Noon. It has lots of toys out for the kiddies and then there is a time for chat and bible discussion for the adults. This is facilitated by Jim and Liz Andres and if you are interested in joining please contact Liz: 07531027263

Prayer Day: 
Every Wednesdays from 11am to 11pm we have our prayer room open for people to book in to fill one hour prayer slots. The idea is that together we can cover 12 hours of prayer by each individually taking our part in covering an hour of payer in the prayer room. We have a permanently set up prayer room that has lots of creative prayer activities and inspirations set up.
There also are two times to gather with people and pray during these times,
11:00am to Noon Pray for the Nations: gather with people that are really enthusiastic about praying for other people in other places... especially Christians who are being persecuted for their faith.
8:00pm to 9:00pm Gathered Community Payer: Everyone is welcome to join us as we gather together and pray for each other and our local neighbourhood.
If you would like to book in please email Tina at

If any of this interest you and you are not already linked into our community please either contact Tina or Steve (as above) or Jim and Liz (as above). There also is a facebook group called "Colchester Boiler Room Community" that is a great way to link into what are community is about.


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