Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pilgrimage Reflections

We made it!

Liz, James, Katy, Ian, Helen, Esme, Lewis and I made our pilgrimage across the Dengie Peninsular. We walked 9 miles to the chapel of St Peter, built by St Cedd when he arrived to bring the Gospel to the East Saxons in 653.

We prayed and read the Bible at points along the way.

We also use the Midday and Evening prayer from The Northumbria Community Celtic Daily Prayer Book.

And we met some more friends at the St Peter's and said and sung the Evening Prayer together (which sounded amazing in the ancient, high roofed chapel).

We reflected on that chain of relationship & discipleship that meant Patrick sent Coloumba who sent Aidan who sent Cedd.

I appreciated the big open skies of the Dengie, the beauty and wildness of creation. And I learnt that who we walk with really adds to the journey.

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