Wednesday, December 06, 2006

News and Reflections on Christmas Prayer Room Venue

Thanks so much to those of you who have been standing with us, praying for a 24/7 prayer room venue in the town centre this Christmas. I have certainly felt supported by my friends in the church in Colchester. Thank you.

The encouraging news;

  • We have been provided with some financial donations, and also many offers of materials for the prayer room. Thank God and thank you!
  • I have learnt that a different approach is neccesary for obtaining a shop venue for a prayer room. Next time, we need to try and reach shop owners, we need to try and give agents more notice, we need to consider raising funds to cover a rent (£400+ per week), and having a more structured Boiler Room Community may help if we are to take on a lease...
  • Many people have joined with praying and thinking about the venue for a prayer room.
  • We were given encouragement from the Town Centre Manager, and the Bishop of Colchester.

The discouraging news;
  • We have not found a shop unit we can use. I am disappointed by this.
  • So although many gates have been opened in Colchester...this has not opened up. And I still encountered some hositility to the idea of a Christian prayer room in a shop venue.

Please do post comments on any feedback you received during your prayers and contemplation.

I will contact again very shortly to inform you of the venue and prayer slot booking instructions.
love and appreciation, Richard

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