Monday, November 13, 2006

Thoughts on Christ centred community

On Wednesday we met with some of the key people in the Boiler Room Community, to catch up and to talk about what being Colchester Boiler Room Community could be about...

We shared our thoughts on what "Christ centred community" should be. I heard the following thoughts;

  • it should be sharing (based on the idea of the church of Acts 2)
  • it should be sacrificial (based on the idea that it costs to follow Jesus)
  • it should have life in fullness (based on Jesus promise in John 10)
  • it should be about stepping out and following Jesus where He is leading us
  • the whole picture may not be clear, but we should keep on playing our part
  • it should continue the rhythm of prayer and action that God has been raising up in the church in Colchester
  • it should be a further way of people from across the church in Colchester working together

We all agreed that God is on the move in Colchester. And part of that move is through the action of the Colchester Boiler Room Community over this last year.

It's very exciting and very promising. I look forward to the next time that we meet.

love Richard

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